Meet Joshua:

Joshua’s desire is to create work that matters and has purpose. He is a self taught photographer who began his photography journey in 2006. His passion to live creatively and inspire others was ignited after a trip to Kenya and Uganda in 2007 to photograph mission work. He has since been back to Africa three times, including a four month stay. A professional goal is to travel extensively in Africa and share people’s stories through his work.


Joshua loves photographing people and experimenting with lighting. His ideal clients are other creatives, business entrepreneurs and people who are pursuing what they love. Joshua believes photography is a method of story telling – and that everyone has a story to tell.



Meet Melissa:

Melissa joined Joshua David Photography in 2013 when the couple married. She comes from an event planning and project management background and loves combining creative work with strategy. Melissa handles most client communication, accounting, and the website and blog – essentially anything with words and numbers. She also contributes creatively with editing and art direction as well.



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